Koopas Revenge

That damn Mario has got to pay for once! Always jumping on the heads of poor innocent Koopa Troopas and their life long friends the Goombas! The story begins when Koopa and his Goomba friends are having a birthday party. Mario and his gang of thugs show up and trash the place and squash all the Goombas. Koopa doesn't like this and he is out for revenge in this flash game. It plays a lot like the platform Mario games and is very fun to play. You can collect coins, hit the good old "?" blocks for powerups and more coins, and also squash Mario's friends like Toad and baby Mario. There is an overworld map just like in Mario 3 or Super Mario and you'll have to complete the levels in somewhat of an order before being able to move on to the next world.

Arrows: Walk | Up: Enter Door | Down: Enter Pipe | Space: Jump/Flap | CTRL: Run/Breathe Fire
Note: You can only breathe fire if you have the red shell and you can only fly with a blue one.

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Koopas Revenge Beginning Levels Guide
Koopas Revenge Super Secret Level
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