Kitty Cannon

Aim the cannon just right and decide how much force you want to use to blast the little kitten out and into a horrible field of death and explosives. That is the game that is Kitten Cannon. The goal is to see how far you can make the Kitty go and it is much more complex than simply pressing the fire button and launching the kitten. You will need to set the proper angle for just the right trajectory. High shots will cause the kitten to bounce vertically more which will yield a higher chance of hitting explosives or trampolines. Horizontal shots will involve less bouncing around but you will gain more distance initially. In pretty much all cases, you're going to want the red meter on your cannon to be as high as possible for the best shot. Admittedly, the game involves a lot of luck as you will have to keep your fingers crossed that you hit dynamite or a trampoline to keep going. Check out the videos below to see some crazy kitten cannon scores.

Use the up & down arrows to adjust the cannon and the space bar to fire.

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Kitten Cannon 2,516 feet
Kitten Cannon High Score: 5,651 feet!
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