The year is 200 A.D. (after dot) and you must lead your dot civilization to prosperity by controlling the growth and development of your populace. Each turn you can build a certain number of buildings like farms for food or blacksmiths to forge weaponry to arm your blood thirsty dot armies. Manage your food supplies carefully because if you are not careful, your little dots will run out of food to eat and become unhappy. Hell hath no fury like a dot that was scorned. Set the tax rate on your dots to generate income but don't tax them too much or they will become upset with you. Finally, raise dot armies by allocating weapons to each of your dot soliders in order to defend your cities and protect yourself against your arch nemesis the squares!

For detailed instructions on how to play dotville, click the help button on the main menu or watch the video below called "Playing Dotville"

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Dotville Cheats
Playing Dotville
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